10-20-19 /// Fractals Made with Mandelbulber 2

Some people think making fractals is so complicated, I know I used to think HOW DO PEOPLE DO THIS?!??! When I would see fractal art… I thought they drew them themselves, L o l. But in reality, there are several fractal rendering programs you can download on your computer for f r e e to render fractals!

One of those that’s really cool is Mandelbulber 2. I have it on my Mac. I wanted to download Mandelbub 3d… but it’s only for Windows as far as I can see… I’ve tried several times to get it on my computer, and it never works out. So I got Mandelbulber 2.

It’s a f r e e program to render fractals with and the amount of stuff that you can do with it is literally i n s a n e… ! You can make hybrid fractals, use cool materials, etc. etc. It’s kind of hard to understand but I’ve been experimenting… And here’s some of the fractals I rendered tonight, and some from October 20th…

10/20/19 – FRACTALS

10/10/19 – FRACTAL

Anyways, on the topic of fractal rendering programs, I have only used Ultra Fractal 6, Mandelbulber 2, and Xoas. Which I am using to make fractals based off of what I feel like certain verses or parts like… chapters of the Bible would look like if it were a fractal. To me.

Why? Because… I want to do God Almighty’s/ The Holy Lord’s will, and I’m trying to convince myself that it is his will for me to make them… No, actually, I’m trying to convince myself that I’m doing his will… Any who, I’m sure I am. In some ways. In others, not so much, but I’m sure He forgives me.


Lucille Ellen.

Author: Lucy❣️🦋🐉🐁

Hello. I'm Lucy. I'm an artist, musician, and writer. I write/ post my art, music, and writing on http://www.lucyellen.net. I also have a personal journal called lucysjournal.home.blog.

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